Rabu, 29 Juli 2015

Cheat VVIP Point Blank PB Garena Indonesia

Cheat VVIP Point Blank PB Garena Indonesia, Yang Tentu Saja Membuat Kalian Menjadi Terbaik dari para pemain pb lainnya karena kalian akan bisa selalu headshot HS dan Lainnya Seperti CT Memasang BOM atau Tero Mendefuse BOM Polisi Memasang BOm Baru tahukan :v Aneh Tapi Nyata Loh Bisa Memasang BOM Auto HS Dengan AIM Juga BIsa jadi tunggu apalagi Download saja di Gudang Ngecit. Dengan Menggunakan Cheat PB Garena Simple Hack Saja Kalian Bisa Mengalahkan Semua Musuh Apalagi Menggunaan VVIP

Nah Apa Saja Fiftur Dari Cheat Tersebut Simak DI Bawah ...

Fitur Cheat VIp Auto HS

  •     Wallhack
  •     NoSmoke
  •     Crosshair
  •     No Recoil
  •     Fast Reload
  •     Rank
  •     Auto heashot
  •     Aim bullet Head
  •     Aim bullet Body

Fitur Cheat Semi / Semi VIp

  •     Wallhack
  •     NoSmoke
  •     Chams TR
  •     Chams CT
  •     Crosshair
  •     ESP Tag
  •     ESP Line
  •     ESP Bone
  •     ESP Health
  •     Ammo ++
  •     Rank
  •     No Recoil
  •     Burst Piso
  •     Quick Reload
  •     AWP NoKokang
  •     No Fall Damage
  •     Suicide

Selasa, 21 Juli 2015

Cheat Ninja Heroes work

Cheat Ninja Heroes latest Tips and Tips and there is also a Tutorial get a Ninja Level S and SS Or SSS.

You definitely want to get tips or tips about Ninja Heroes Then you better visit this site because it provides some Tips And nir Tips there are also Cheat Ninja Heroes.

Ninja Heroes Latest Tips you can get easily in the barn a complete Ngecit Describes the Ninja Heroes.

Selasa, 14 Juli 2015

Cheat Point Blank Garena

Download Cheat PB Garena Terbaru 2015 
Cheat PB Garena Yang Work Untuk Kalian Semua.

Cit PB Garena
Cheat Point Blank Garena
Cit PB Terbaru

[-] Wallhack
[-] Wallhack Leopard
[-] CrossHair
[-] No Smoke
[-] ESP Box
[-] ESP Rank
[-] ESP Head
[-] ESP Health
[-] ESP Distance
[-] ESP Line
[-] Macro Mose
[-] No Respawn
[-] Rank Skill
[-] Fast Reload 0 Detik
[-] Fast QQ (WIN 7 ONLY)
[-] Double Jumper
[-] NORECOIL (Peluru tidak goyang saat di tembakan )
[-] AWP lurus HOT (Main AWP tanpa Keker)
[-] GHOST (Jurus ninja)
[-] AUTO HEADSHOT (No Ribet)
[-] Target Lock (Kepala - Badan- Kaki)
[-] Aim Bot Killer (HOT ++)
[-] Fake WS
[-] Magnet

Sabtu, 11 Juli 2015

Libra, The Latest Smartphone Xiaomi?

Xiaomi back rumored Middle prepared a new smartphone. Hand-held device has a code name of Libra.

According to the reported Phone Arena, Saturday (7/11/2015), this smartphone is estimated as a secondary device. But according to reports, Libra supported processors are hexa core, 2 GB RAM and comes with the Android operating system 5.1.1 Lollipop.

Unfortunately little is known yet reserved its specifications. In addition, so far there has been no leaked photos of Libra in circulation.

In addition to the Libra, also reportedly was preparing Xiaomi Mi 5 and Redmi Note 2. The second information leakage device many circulating on the virtual realm.

MI 5 predicted will be the newest flagship Xiaomi and has two cameras back. While some photos Redmi Note 2 have circulated several times and showed the layout of the flash for the camera, and fingerprint scanner.

Microsoft Will Get Rid Of A Number Of Applications MSN

Mid-2015 seems to be a heavy period for Microsoft. After reportedly will house 7,800 employees, software giant was mentioned would get rid of a number of application service MSN.

This information has been distributed to users via an email. Some applications will shut down the MSN is SN Health & Fitness, MSN Travel and MSN Food Drink & for all platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

"We are always evaluating the business to ensure users find the most valuable things. We will continue the application support more broadly, including News, Sports, and Weathers & Money that will be available as a Windows application and cross platform, "said Microsoft spokesman as quoted from Venture Beat, Saturday (7/11/2015).

Application to be removed first was MSN Food & Drink and MSN Travel on September 28, 2015. While the MSN Health and Fitness will be turned off & per 1 January 2015.

Reported to Ubergizmo, Microsoft also plans to get rid of the display advertising services. The Division of advertising has been reshuffling into Applications and Services Group under the leadership of Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner.

NASA Says Mars Exploration Missions Via Video

Kabar terbaru datang dari misi ekspedisi The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) ke planet Mars baru-baru ini.

Dikabarkan, kendaraan robot rover Opportunity milik NASA telah merilis rekaman video kompilasi penjelajahan planet Mars pada yang dimulai dari tahun 2004 sampai saat ini.

Menurut informasi yang dilansir laman PC Authority, Minggu (12/7/2015), rekaman video tersebut dirilis untuk mengenang kembali dan membuat kilas balik perjalanan robot rover Opportunity di Mars.

Video yang di-upload di channel YouTube NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory pada 2 Juli 2015 tersebut pun telah ditonton oleh lebih dari 500 ribu viewers di YouTube.

NASA memprogram Opportunity untuk dapat mengumpulkan dan mendeteksi bebatuan serta tanah pada sepanjang perjalanannya di Mars. NASA berharap, data-data serta bukti otentik yang diperoleh Opportunity bisa mengungkap keberadaan air serta adanya kehidupan di planet tersebut.

Pada awalnya, misi Opportunity hanya direncanakan selama 92 hari. Tetapi, durasi misi ekspedisi tersebut hingga saat ini diperpanjang hingga 4.181 hari.

Kendaraan robot dengan enam buah roda penggerak tersebut diluncurkan sejak 7 Juli 2003, dan memiliki tinggi 1,5 meter, lebar 2,3 meter, serta panjang 1,5 meter. Opportunity dikabarkan telah menempuh perjalanan sejauh 42,2 kilometer di planet merah tersebut.

Robot dengan bobot 180 kilogram itu juga didukung dengan solar panel yang dapat menghasilkan energi listrik 140 watt untuk beroperasi selama empat jam per hari. Opportunity bisa melaju dengan kecepatan hingga 5 sentimeter per detik.

Namun, rata-rata kecepatannya yang terukur adalah 1 sentimeter per detik.

Penasaran seperti apa penampakan eksplorasi planet Mars yang telah dilakukan Opportunity? Simak videonya berikut ini:

Cannot Join The Competition Robot, This Young Girl Make A Petition

A 9-year-old boy, Cash Cayen feel upset because can not participate competition Robotics just because of gender. But he did not give up, Cayen trying against the current and was determined to participate in the event.

Cayen interested in robotics competition advertised in Timmins public library in Ontario, Canada. But having expressed interest in joining, a staff member explained that this was a race for boys.

Any case, the staff opens the door to Casey by talking to his boss, Elaine De Bonis. Elaine ever listen to the complaints of Casey, but Elaine still did not allow him to follow competitions. Such as quoted from pages Ubergizmo, Sunday (12/7/2015).

To silence it, Casey direct visit to create a Change.org petition eventually got the support of more than 34,000, and Timmins Library party later issued a statement by writing that the competition is open to all children aged 9 to 12 years.

Casey is one example of the boy who dared to issue the opinion to change regulations that he deems unfair. This can be a door for something better in the future.

Change.org petition platform itself is the largest in the world, empowering everyone to create the changes they want to see.

There are more than 70 million users at Change.org 196 countries, and every day people use it to transform their communities-locally, nationally and globally.

The Music Video Was About Ramaikan Facebook

Plan Facebook entered the music industry back to appear. But according to latest reports, the company is not currently preparing the service for streaming music, but music videos.

According to some sources The New York Times, Facebook is trying to make a music video to the user's news feed. Therefore, the social network some time ago the middle of exploring cooperation with major record labels so that they cannot stumble reserved copyright.

Facebook's plan is evaluated will make the rivalry with Google is getting tight. As it known to Google has scooped up success with video services, YouTube.

Moreover, according to that reported by the Business Insider, the week (12/7/2015), Facebook's plan is supported by the growing attendance videos on the service.

Facebook is expected to add a music video in the next few months. Party music labels will specify the video shown on Facebook. Then the two sides would share revenue from advertising that is in the video.

Facebook promises to record labels, will create a revenue sharing scheme better than YouTube. The company would strive to prevent content-unauthorized rakugo was featured on the new service later.