Sabtu, 11 Juli 2015

The Music Video Was About Ramaikan Facebook

Plan Facebook entered the music industry back to appear. But according to latest reports, the company is not currently preparing the service for streaming music, but music videos.

According to some sources The New York Times, Facebook is trying to make a music video to the user's news feed. Therefore, the social network some time ago the middle of exploring cooperation with major record labels so that they cannot stumble reserved copyright.

Facebook's plan is evaluated will make the rivalry with Google is getting tight. As it known to Google has scooped up success with video services, YouTube.

Moreover, according to that reported by the Business Insider, the week (12/7/2015), Facebook's plan is supported by the growing attendance videos on the service.

Facebook is expected to add a music video in the next few months. Party music labels will specify the video shown on Facebook. Then the two sides would share revenue from advertising that is in the video.

Facebook promises to record labels, will create a revenue sharing scheme better than YouTube. The company would strive to prevent content-unauthorized rakugo was featured on the new service later.

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